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We’ve been expecting your visit.

If there’s one thing a trusted web design & SEO team with an excellent track record in the greater Los Angeles area should be able to do, it’s to ensure their customers can find them online - quickly. At FX Media, our motivation is to get your online business to perform with the same efficiency that brought you here today.

FX Media’s “five-star” rating on Google and Yelp are excellent testimonials to our #1 rating in web design, customer service, and phone support throughout Southern California. How FX Media presents itself – throughout the design process - is key to our success. Your call is our most important.

Building a website should make your job easier. As veteran artists, coders, and conversion marketers - “web design nerds” - we are also extremely client friendly. Be it the maintenance of your current website or a fully loaded online foundation, at FX Media we always pick up the telephone; we always tell it like it is, and we always work with you as partners. That’s our “FX, No B.S.” promise to you as a potential client.

Greater Los Angeles, Pasadena and San Diego businesses and residents, give us a call to see if FX Media lives up to the hype as affordable web designers, developers, and marketers who can deliver provide what you’re searching for, by giving your target audience what they’re looking to find.


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“Life is too short to not surround yourself with the best of what you love.”

Success is living life on your own terms.

KMNelson Design is a high-end design boutique headquartered in Los Angeles with an exemplary track record in elevating living environments with an emphasis on client collaboration throughout all phases of the design process: project management, installation, and presentation. KMNelson caters to a savvy clientele who demand the very best of everything their active lives can afford, both internally and externally.

KMNelson goes deep into design discovery with a devout passion for color, European Classicism, and the wondrous curiosity of a young Indianapolis girl’s dream to pursue her design passion, travel the world, and work with fascinating people. KMNelson prides itself on traversing the globe to find the most perfect, most custom designs to satisfy the object of a client’s desire.

Both decoratively and structurally, the founding philosophy at KMNelson is inspired by the rich visual traditions through all cultures, references and influences, along with the tearing down of the velvet ropes to bring home a masterpiece that elevates everyone in the room.

Meaningful art, fine fabrics, rare surfaces and spaces; balance and composition; rich traditions, and history of design and architecture throughout the world have helped to position KMNelson as a trusted, hands-on, top-tier design company that is always there for their clients – no matter where they reside on the map.


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If Nobody Knows About You, Does Your Company Exist?

Evolving your business in 2019 means going out and finding your audience. It’s about expanding your brand authority and spreading your message to industry influencers who can help make a name for your company. Don’t wait for your audience to come to you. Let Rock My Brand introduce you to all the right people.

Influencer Marketing

Build trust, and the rest will follow. Through our experience in influencer marketing, Rock My Brand can help align your business with visionaries in your field that can not only bring you more qualified traffic, but expand your reputation, relationships, and reliability with your audience.

Expert Roundups

Nothing attracts interest quite like industry insight and knowledge. Posing a single question to a handful of experts in your niche could project your reputation and domain authority among your peers and potential customers. Influence over thousands of followers, fans, and friends can all be yours.

Guest Blogging

To join the conversation is to start one. In 2018, brands need a voice to make a statement. Rock My Brand can assist in raising your audience and lifting your influence by showing off what it is that makes your brand of business so worthy.

Link Building

Link building can literally put your brand on the map. At Rock My Brand, we view backlinks both as an art and one of the most surefire ways to stimulate your website’s rankings and ensure a steady stream of targeted organic traffic.

Content Promotion

Is great content great if nobody reads it? The one correct way to achieve longevity in the web’s vast super universe is through brilliant, strategic, new-fashioned brand promotion and online public relations that keep your brand center stage.

Podcast Shows

Podcasting is the most personal, convenient, cost-cutting, portable, time-efficient, on-demand, social-friendly way to build a legitimate digital influence. Let Rock My Brand introduce you as a much sought-after guest on some of the most popular podcasts in your industry.

Landing Pages

Once they touch down, it’s all about getting them to sign up or take action. By targeting a specific segment of your audience, Rock My Brand can customize your “splash” pages with a sole purpose of spiking conversions for your paid, social, and email marketing campaigns.


(Design Publication Goes All App)

REVOLU-EVOLU-RESOLU: Shunning The Rules of Design Publishing

CMYK 1.0: 1996–1999

In the mid-’90s, the advertising and design industries were experiencing a renaissance in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, and Seattle.

Here in San Francisco, the dot-com boom sparked a creative gold rush with agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi; J. Walter Thompson; Leagas Delaney; Lowe & Partners/SMS; Mad Dogs and Englishmen; and Hal Riney offspring like Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; and Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners. In graphic design, you had equal award-winners in Landor and Cahan & Associates, and the Three Michaels (Mabry, Osborn, and Vanderbyl), among many other notable firms and artists. Not to mention Nash Bridges.

San Francisco was also an epicenter for magazine start-ups with names like Cups, Spec, Mas Moda, and Critique. Emigre was catching fire. CMYK’s mission was the showcasing of outstanding creative from the student-graduate level. Fortunately for CMYK, nationwide the art school scene was growing with plenty of established and emerging art-design schools and programs, all still thriving in their niche. Academy of Art University, Art Center College of Design, and Portfolio Center, among many others, were staples in communication-arts education, while Miami Ad School was but a year old and The Creative Circus, VCU Brandcenter, Chicago Portfolio School, and Brainco were just opening their doors.

This period introduced CMYK magazine as the voice of the new creative class: an independent publication supporting and promoting the talents of those on the verge of inheriting the future of advertising and design.

To best give full prominence to its work showcase, CMYK’s design template was all about clean white space with a straightforward column editorial format. Yet nothing broke rules like CMYK’s spray-painted logo, and award-winning cover concepts that paid homage to attributes of working in the design industry: magic 8-ball (faith), bullet hole (targeting), gas pump (creative fuel), fishhook (allure), acupuncture needles (stress), and red pen markings (rejection).

CMYK 2.0: 1999–2009

Our 15th issue represented the next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Ten years ago, nearly to the day, CMYK experienced its first complete redesign. The goal was to update the CMYK brand aesthetic and strengthen the foundation and infrastructure.

A few more talented people were hired to issue a more modern take on the publication. A new label-style logo and high-concept layout were adopted as was featuring a piece of student work on the cover for each issue. The redesign proved successful, spanning an entire decade with subtle issue-by-issue improvements along the way. This period would also see two new versions of the CMYK Web site.

The steady growth helped establish CMYK as synonymous with inspiration. Editorial content was expanded by adding a calendar and book-review section and reporting on industry artists doing breakthrough work at all levels of visual communication. CMYK would also add more pages to our aspiring creative showcase. The publication established a standard of integrity and excellence, and CMYK would see its business model become one of the largest and most sought-after creative contests on the planet.

CMYK 3.0: 2009–2014

Now, with an ailing economy and a new set of challenges at the forefront of our minds, CMYK saw an opportunity to reinvest in its product and emerge ready to face its next phase. It was time once again to tear it down and build it back up. You don’t fight progress.

With a solid foundation, CMYK was looking to emphasize what had set it apart from other design magazines and at the same time improve on what it is that today’s readers would appreciate. Growth was the goal of the new redesign, an expanding of the audience and authority of the magazine both visually and content-wise.

The goal was to give the magazine a more fluid, cohesive feel as a singular product, and to tie it all together—cover, front, middle, back. A new tagline was adopted to define better the functionality of the magazine’s bent: “Create, Showcase, Inspire.” The CMYK logo was altered by closing the spacing between the letters. Covers summarized more of the content of the magazine with a more calculated focus on getting the reader to open the book.

Inside, the publication wanted to make good use of its namesake colors throughout all aspects of the magazine. The editorial expanded with more international coverage and a more personal, from-the-source inspiration not like anything readers had ever seen from CMYK.

Welcome to the revolution.