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Errors, Sacrifices, Change-Ups, Pickles & Home Runs

How standing tall while down in the count transformed a driven former player into one of the foremost figures in the business of baseball

Nice guys finish first. Nez Balelo is a Major League Baseball super-agent, representing such players as Japanese phenom Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels, Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers, and Arizona D-back Adam Jones.

Balelo also stands out as an anomaly. Raised in San Diego, CA of first-generation Portuguese descent, Balelo and his family migrated from the Madeira Islands, where he was brought up in the commercial fishing industry. Balelo’s strong values and determination would eventually push him to realize his boyhood dream of becoming an MLB infielder, only to have that goal broken by a devastating injury that cut short his playing days.

Adversity and opportunity became the catalysts for Balelo positioning himself as one of the most humble, venerable, and successful professionals in all of sports. After a horrific accident took him permanently out of the lineup, Nez focused on his entrepreneurial skills and opened up a baseball finishing program outside of Los Angeles called West Coast Baseball School. At the same time, he accepted a job with the Atlanta Braves as a hybrid developer, scout, and consultant.

Balelo’s 10-year-run with the Braves is where he nurtured his talents for building successful sports organizations, which he later applied in establishing and purchasing numerous baseball facilities. After a decade at the top of his game, Balelo drove his aspirations even higher by walking away from the Braves, selling his schools and branding licenses, and starting a sports agency with three players he mentored to play in the Major Leagues.

During the three years he spent building his agency, Balelo also cultivated his legacy by signing several key first-round picks, as well as numerous active MLB players. Balelo would later be asked to join IMG global sports group as a senior executive before being called up to join CAA Entertainment and help create CAA Sports in 2006.

As a major player with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), Nez Balelo helps keep CAA Sports atop the standings in MLB player signings. When it comes to the dotted line, Nez is the penultimate example of how MLB players are represented and supported. Instilled with dedication and tenacity ingrained from working alongside his father, Balelo knows how ethics, mindset, commitment, and staying active, play such a vital role in the prosperity of an organization that led him to a place on Forbes “Most Powerful Sports Agents in the World” list.

Today, Nez’s knowledge is your gain. Learn mental toughness from the OG of MLB’s zero-tolerance policy. Pick up negotiation skills from a man responsible for over 3 billion dollars in negotiated contracts in MLB. Start your own team with insight from a legendary entrepreneur who played, developed and scouted the game, to now running one of the most potent divisions in all of the MLB.


Playing Both Sides (Negotiation): Go behind the art of the deal with the super-agent responsible for orchestrating some of the biggest signings in Major League Baseball history. Listen, as Nez Balelo offers his brilliant 100 million-dollar techniques for negotiating to ensure both parties emerge victorious.

Building a Winning Lineup (Team Building): Business, as in baseball, is a team sport. Whether you’re in a league of your own or managing a group of 800, encouraging people to commit to a common goal is the centerpiece of success. Nez Balelo will show you how to keep everyone focused and in position to turn a concept into a reality.

Backing Them Up (Ethical Leadership): Raised in the commercial fishing industry, Nez Balelo, learned at a very young age the value of working hard and leading by example, even in the face of adversity. Nez shares how he harnessed his upbringing and traditions to fight for a “fairness with excellence” code to protect players at the highest level.

Keeping Your Head in the Game (Mental Toughness): After a crushing injury took him out of baseball, Nez Balelo resurrected his dream of making it in the Majors. Find out how he went from getting cut to fulfilling his destiny by keeping his eye on the prize.

Launching Your Solo Shot (Starting a Business): Capitalize on entrepreneurship advice from a man who pursued his passion with a singular vision and built a thriving career as a teacher, developer, and multi-million dollar business owner - all using his knowledge of baseball.


(Client: IT Security)

Spoof Calls Are No Joke

I recently got a call from a business because they got a call from themselves. What?

It plays out like an episode of The Twilight Zone. Your telephone rings and you grab it only to find that the Caller ID is you. Against your better judgment, you answer, only to make certain the voice on the other end is not yours.

Summonsed by a cybercriminal Siri, you are alerted that your Verizon account has been suspended and you’ll need to press “1” immediately to speak with a representative. What you do next will determine the fate of your privacy.

Welcome to Mobile Phone Hijacking (MPH), a mutating roboscam targeting the telecommunications industry, and infesting the globe at an alarming rate.

Hook, Line and Sinker:

  1. Fraudsters hijack your mobile accounts protected by two-factor authentication
  2. The verification code is intercepted when you text, email, or make a phone call
  3. Your passcode information is auctioned on the Dark Web

Don’t Pick Up and Call Us If:

-The Caller ID is your number

-The caller never identifies the actual name of the person on the account

-You are asked to provide numbers of any kind

It only takes a momentary lapse of reason to compromise your identity. Stay safe out there.

Jason Gilbert, CEO
ClearFuze Networks, Inc.


(Client: HVAC Business)

Pumps, pipes, motors, switches, fans, thermostats, compressors, evaporator coils, and chemical refrigerant

There’s nothing more pleasing to the ear than the purr of a 30,000 BTU Class 22 SEER Configurable Quad-Zone Multi F Mini-Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump from Energy Star.

Ever since I was a kid growing up in Louisville, KY, I have maintained a deep obsession with all things heating and cooling. Wait! Seriously. It’s not that odd, and it doesn’t get any creepier than the occasional duct joke.

Kidding aside, I can help you control your climate. HVAC costs can bring on the flop sweats like a Glendale August. When it comes to creature comforts, Tim Stivers, Inc. is Yelp-certified in full-service factory-spec repair, maintenance, installation, and quality control follow-ups on all brand new systems.

At the end of the day, if you’re cool, we’re cool. Maintaining an 18-year record of quality, craftsmanship, and respect for our customers is what keeps Tim Stivers in the Hancock Park heating and air conditioning business. In 2018, we will continue to focus on this area as well as expand to provide an optimum level of air conditioning and heating installation/repair to the Mid-Wilshire, Pasadena, and Los Angeles areas.

Please let us know if we can make the temperature just right for you in 2018.

Warm Regards,



(Customer Outreach, IT Security)

Don’t Let Your Corporate Data Become The Fresh Catch of The Day

Dear Rick,

At ClearFuze we’ve started to see an uptick in emergency inquiries from panicked businesses reporting that a foreign entity had infiltrated their email system and hijacked critical customer data. This act of cybercrime known as “phishing” is on the rise, and the good news is that you can help prevent such an assault using some good, old-fashioned common sense.

What follows is a cautionary tale for all of our customers on how you and your team can be diligent and stop most common phishing schemes before they sink their hooks into your IT stronghold. After reading this, you’ll know what to look out for next time you open your inbox.

Above all, thank you very much for your time and consideration, and for being a valued ClearFuze customer. Stay safe out there.

Jason Gilbert, CEO
ClearFuze Networks, Inc.


(Client: CMYK Magazine)

CMYK 58: 100 Design Samples. 70 Design Students. 29 Design Schools.

Dear Friends of CMYK,

Winners of CMYK Top New Creatives Showcase 58 are officially published.

To view, click here. This all-digital collection of art direction, copywriting, design, illustration, and photography encompasses over 100 pieces by 70 artists from 29 art schools and design programs across the globe.

To all of the aspiring and emerging designers who submitted their portfolio work – and to the instructors who encouraged their students to participate in CMYK TNCS 58 – we very much appreciate your believing in your talents and helping to raise the bar when it comes to what today’s schools are teaching and producing. CMYK is honored to feature the largest and most scholastically diverse design contest online. Bravo!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Enjoy.