“I think this is great! Did I tell u I picked up a party for 50 ppl on Thursday - my week will be super busy!”

Richard V. CEO/Head Chef, Taco U.


Thank you for responding to our Craigslist ad. We received an overwhelming number of submissions, but your work stood out.”

Marc C. Design Director


“I love this (resume) draft! Wow, this was very entertaining! I really love where this is going!”

Thomas S. Film Student


“yes i’m happy! thank you!”

Matt M. Rockmybrand


“You pulled off the ever-elusive pun in “Evening your odds” that doesn’t emit groans (a la Economist headlines). You must be part Brit or something. Well done, good sir.”

Colin C. #1 Independent Copywriter in the U.S.


“I think of good advertising and design work as a kind of environmentalism. We all have to live in it; why not make it interesting? CMYK will help that cause, I think, through a free exchange of good work. It will also lead to a workforce entirely employed the moment they leave school, which will lower crime rates, decrease divorce, and set off a frenzy of spending on stiff like BMW’S and Armani socks that will drive up markets everywhere.”

Jeff G. Goodby Silverstein & Partners


“How do you come up with this stuff - you are so amazing Curtis - Seriously!!!”

Rachel S. 4over, Inc.


“you…are really talented. I love it.”

Rhonda M. R3 Communications


“Read quickly, like.”

Jason G. ClearFuze, Inc.


“I like it! It reads soooo much better. Thank you for taking a chance… I would like to move forward with the first project as proposed.”

Susanne M. Allegra Marketing