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The Cure for The Chronic: Raising Your THC and CBD With A Little TLC

Whether you smoke, vape, eat, rub, patch, dab, drink, or drop, nothing is more treasured than bud raised to achieve its maximum yield in potency, pungency, consistency, and longevity. At the end of the day, how you care for your crop determines how kind your Kryptonite.

Reckless or hurried marijuana curing can reduce even the smoothest, most aromatic weed on the planet to skunk in just a few devastating hours. Applying an exact dry and cure can eliminate notorious enzymes, bacteria, and other harmful sugars that can destroy the purity of your product.

Know that there is no magic cure du jour. Be the volume of your grow 50 pounds or 5,000, the caliber of your cure is a direct correlation to location, season, size, budget, investment, and standards of excellence. The one correct way to master the art of cannabinoid curing is through the mindful practice of patience and TLC.

Follow the instructions below for producing euphoric results when preserving the purity of your pot – no matter where you grow or how massive your stash is.

Happy harvesting.

Step 1: Cure In A Cool, Dry Place

The chemical makeup in the stigmata has changed, and the trichomes have turned amber. From here on in, it’s all about protecting the terpenes. To begin, you’ll need a space in which to draw the humidity from inside of your clone onto its furry outside. All the while preserving the integrity of the terpenes, so your bud is as kind as nature intended.

  • Procure a well-ventilated dark room or storage space that will adequately accommodate your cannabis stems.
  • Equip the room with the ability to regulate the temperature to preserve the highest percentage of terpenes possible.
  • Run a reliable fan on low to continuously circulate fresh, filtered, outside air throughout the space.
  • Ensure that proper measures are in place to maintain odor control with exhausted air.
  • The room should accommodate a humidifier and dehumidifier, and be able to allow for hot and cold temperatures.
  • Pro Tip: Refrain from storing freshly cut plant materials with nearly dry plants without proper ventilation, humidity, and temperature control. Doing so rehydrates the almost-dry material, and you won’t be able to properly adjust the humidity levels.

Step 2: Hanging Your Plants Out To Dry

Once you’ve prepped the confines for your cure, you’re ready to release the THC. The “dry trim” method is one of the truest and most proven ways to treat your terpenes. Start prepping your plants by cutting off the branches and hanging them up to dry.

  • Trim branches 10-15” in length; remove unwanted leaves and stems.
  • Invert and hang the branches from a clothesline or heavy wire.
  • Store everything in a dark room at 60-70°F with a humidity of 45-55%.
  • Place an industrial fan in the room to gently circulate the air to promote higher aroma and flavor levels in your buds.
  • In 5-15 days, “snap test” for slightly crunchy buds and snappable stems.
  • Retrieve branches and proceed to next step.
  • Pro Tip: Be sure to avoid excessive temperatures and be vigilant for any signs of mold. If there is any mold present, it will spread in a warm, moist environment. Go too hot with the temp, you’ll get hay. Too cold, you’ll get grass.

Step 3: Canning Your Crop

Exposure to air can oxidize and diminish the intensity of your buds. You don’t want that. Place the dried cannabis into sealed Kilner containers for at desired drying temperature for 2 to 24 hours depending on quantity. The goal is to get your bud to again become uniform in moisture consistency or dryness and to prevent moisture and terpene dissipation.

  • Trim the flower from the plant’s branches with a steady hand especially with the smaller, sugary nugs.
  • Gather airtight, quart-sized, wide-mouthed, tinted canning jars to help prevent UV light from degrading your flower’s compounds.
  • Seal your flowers loosely inside the containers, filling them about ¾ of the way to the top so to not crush the buds.
  • Store jars in your grow room.
  • Within the first week open the containers for 5-10 minutes several times per day to allow moisture to escape and refresh the oxygen inside the container.
  • After the first week, open containers for several minutes once every few days to let the flowers breathe and the air to recycle.
  • Rehang the homogenized buds and repeat the process until the desired moisture content is achieved without over-drying.
  • Continue the curing process for at least 2-8 weeks depending on how potent you want your pot.
  • Pro Tip: When returning the buds to their jars, be sure to place them in different positions than they were previously stored. This allows an even cure and helps to reduce the risk of mold forming in areas pressed against the jars.

Step 4: Enjoying The Fruits of Your Labor

Like a skilled chef or a veteran cigar roller, you must know your product better than anyone. If you don’t partake, you can’t evaluate.

Pro Tip: Only from experiencing the nuances of your cannabis and all its qualities, can somebody fully appreciate the medicinal miracles that the heavy responsibility of drying and curing produces.



Safeguard Your Data from Becoming Today’s Fresh Catch

It starts with a sinking sensation followed by a ringing of the ears. If you’re not careful, it can quickly spread to a flushing of the face, racing of the heart, and hacking of your IT system.

Hooked by the desperate urgency of the ALL-CAPS subject line, you open the email and find that your boss is using extreme language by demanding that you pay an “updated” printing invoice – right now! You have a momentary lapse of reason and against your better judgment submit your credentials and wire the funds immediately to avoid penalties and service delays. The company is out $2,550, and you can’t shake the bewildered look on your face.

You’ve been phished. According to, 58% of today’s online businesses admit to being attacked by data poachers out to “harpoon” unsuspecting employees for their login credentials. By trolling through email, telephone or text messages, attackers posing as legitimate institutions can successfully net personal identifiable information, banking and credit cards, and passwords. Phishing is easy, costly, and making crafty cybercriminals very wealthy.

The stories are true, and the reality is that social engineering spoofs amount to a billion-dollar industry. In 2019, a company phishing trip can cost in upwards of $5 million, or $301 per employee (Ponemon Institute, 2018). ClearFuze was recently contacted by a new client that had their sensitive accounting data hacked and used against the business to the tune of $250,000. All vendors and customers received bogus invoice updates with demands to pay or else. The monies sent went on to Nigeria and disappeared forever, along with the fraudster.

For innocent individuals involved in malicious cybercrimes, it’s all about unauthorized purchases, the stealing of cash, and identity theft. For a company or organization that succumbs to an advanced persistent threat (APT), the consequences typically include severe financial losses as well as a decline in market share, reputation, brand equity, and customer trust. Depending on the scope of the job, a phishing attempt might escalate into a security incident from which a business will have a difficult time recovering.

Step One: Don’t get caught in a phishing net. Please ask how ClearFuze can help safeguard your business from all schools of cyber-scamming including phishing, vishing, smishing, spear phishing, and whaling. In the meantime, I’d bet there’s a good chance your inbox or spam folder contains a handful of suspicious emails. Just in case, please find below “10 Red Flags of Email Phishing,” a no-click approach to reading deceptive emails.

Attn: ClearFuze Customers: Our ClearOne Plan combines proactive protection and prevention to help thwart all six types of phishing attacks. The ClearOne Plan gives customers 24-7 peace of mind with Two Factor Authorization (2FA), Password Management, as well as Employee Awareness Training that educates team members on how to identify and snag phishing attempts throughout all departments in your company. To secure your IT Management upgrade right now, call ClearFuze today at (310) 928-9070.

“10 Most Popular Phishing Lures”

1. Subject line references paying, receiving, congratulating, or winning of anything

2. Email is from “CK TEH (VLS MALAYSIA),” “” or “sales”

3. You are greeted with “Dear Sir / Madam,” “Greetings My Dearest,” or “Hi [Your First Name],”

4. Too many exclamation points, typos, all-cap demands, and spacing/formatting issues

5. The tone is dire with a plea for instant action on your part

6. They use words like “wire,” “transfer,” “funds,” or “immediately”

7. They use money references like “US$2.5M,” “$500.000.00 USD,” or “$2 MILLION USD daily”

8. They threaten you with blackmail and penalty fees

9. You are provided a link and encouraged to log into your account

10. You get an attachment titled “unknown.doc,” “INVOICE.doc” or “Delivery Details29292.doc”


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Do you have any idea who you are talking to?

Gone are the days of closing your eyes, tossing it against the wall and hoping it sticks. No more running it up the flagpole and seeing if they salute. Today, stats are the new sexy. If you can’t justify it with real data analysis, you’re sending the wrong message.

In 2019, it’s about knowing everything about your customers. To remain beyond current with ever-evolving consumer trends and attitudes, Allegra is proud to announce it has adopted Nielsen’s global measurement and data analytics services. We now offer all of our clients the most complete and trusted view available to consumers and markets worldwide. By fusing proprietary Nielsen data with significant information sources to ensure our clients know what’s happening tomorrow, today.

A brand is, after all, a living, developing, and regenerating force that must be nurtured and nourished to survive and thrive. You begin by identifying the audience, sending the correct message, and keeping customers loyal and devoted for years to come. Working with Neilson, Allegra is now able to deliver first-class branding and marketing programs with plenty of ROI:

1. Deliver quality and consistency

2. Learn everything about your audience’s behavior

3. Access all relevant data channels and sources

4. Develop a thoughtful message that speaks to your reach

5. Tell the right people just what they want to hear

At Allegra, we build formidable brand campaigns based on research results from real-time analytics. Because we can anticipate and track consumer trends, as Neilson’s connected system assures, Allegra can sync our client’s entire business to align various resources around specified data and technology for the highest optimization.

“Where Brands Evolve” is our mantra. “Invigorating brands” is our mission. “A brand new day in target marketing” is our message. Allegra is an award-winning design and consulting business because we love nothing more than to contemplate what your business truly needs from a consulting firm. After all, you don’t survive a milestone 20 years in marketing and design without being completely crazy about all things marketing and design.

So, are you ready to meet your people?


(Long Form How-Tos)

Get Big Mouths Talking About Your Business

Consumer demand for authenticity has transformed content marketing from the art of selling to the art of compelling. People trust recommendations from a third party more than promotion from a brand itself and are influenced to purchase from niche industry specialists that consistently deliver trustworthy information through their social media outlets.

A product endorsement from an authoritative figure can add instant brand credibility— and secure essential leads for your business. You are getting influencers on your side before your competitors are crucial to business success. The key to maximizing your influencer strategy is valuable content that enhances your online presence as well as the user experience.

1. Raise Brand Prominence

Ready to leap clubs to arenas? With a solid strategy and plenty of hard work, influencer marketing can significantly expand your online reach by forming vital alliances with key players in your industry who have impact and command over thousands of fans, friends, and followers.

2. Meet Your Audience

Audience is everything. When prime influencers promote your brand to their audience, your content is preached to the choir – consumers pre-qualified to be interested in your product or service. You don’t have to spend additional funds on testing and finding your target – the influencer has already fostered these potential customers on social media.

3. Foster Essential Partnerships

Connecting and engaging with an influencer can be the start of a healthy relationship that can bring dividends for years to come. When you present your brand as a viable, trustworthy business, the value derived from collaborations with experts is immeasurable.


Strengthen your networking relationships with leaders in your field, raise your authority by association, and generate immense value for your customers— by asking the right questions.

An expert roundup is a collection of quotes, thoughts or interviews by leading experts with proven authority, influence and thousands of followers on their social media networks. When featured authorities start sharing and promoting roundup posts to their audiences, real traffic is generated to your website and social platforms.

A successfully organized expert roundup post on your website can deliver immense value to the participating experts and forge lasting relationships with both influencers and audience.

1. Good News Travels Fast. The experts that participate in your roundup can send traffic directly to your post by sharing it with their social media reach. Just imagine the viral traffic you could bring to your site from one influencer worth 250,000 followers.

2. Maximize Brand Relevance. When you are the messenger of rallying influential people in your industry, people take notice. And they start sharing. The more standout contributors in your story, the more attention your post receives with everyone taking part in the conversation.

3. Extend The Conversation. You can get plenty of utility out of a successful roundup post by asking your expert participants to promote your product, submit a guest post, link to your articles, become your affiliates, and collaborate on custom marketing campaigns.


Words are essential if you want your customers to take action. As a business with something useful to say, blogging can help foster relationships, develop stronger domain authority, and bring you more qualified site traffic.

Bloggers are the linchpin on the wheel of influencers. Rock My Brand can help secure you an industry notable for authoring exclusive, newsworthy, engaging content that can be liked, shared, and bookmarked as essential to positioning your brand’s experience and authority.

1. Establish Industry Credibility. By securing your brand as an authority and a noted reference for other bloggers, the more likely you will be taken seriously by major players in your niche.

2. Stimulate Shares and Follows. When you initiate the discussion, you become part of the conversation, which can instantly raise your expertise as a relevant, knowledgeable brand.

3. Exposure To Targeted Traffic. The more websites you have actively linking to your page, the more significant their power to heightening your site’s ranking for quality organic searches.


When visitors want to learn more about your brand, they will follow the link to your site. Google then determines which pages to rank for that query based on the quantity and quality of inbound links to the page. Sites with more sound backlinks tend to earn higher rankings.

Are quality sites linking to your website? If not Google might not be showing you high in the search results. Sites that show up higher in the search results tend to have links that are pointing to them. And in competitive industries, higher quality links are needed to stand out amongst the millions of pages for a given search term. We’ve been building relationships for 20 years and will get links that will enable your site to show up when your target audience is looking for your products or services.

By helping to develop long-term relationships with key influencers in your industry, Rock My Brand can work with your business to build a robust, formidable link profile that can win plenty of love from both Google and your loyal following of fans.

1. Increase Domain Authority.

The number of relevant links pointing back to your domain—along with the viability and relevance of the sources to those backlinks—is a significant and essential factor in determining your brand’s overall site authority.

2. Get on the first page of Google.

75% of all online customers rarely go beyond the first page on a typical Google search. With Rock My Brand’s link building formula, the goal is to boost your website towards the top of the search results and keep your site there.

3. No More High Bidding. [Alt: No more bidding on expensive terms.

The referral traffic alone from these backlinks can often exceed what most businesses receive from being on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords. And once you’re getting visitors from the backlinks and organic results in Google, you will not be paying for this.


SEO remains the foundation of any online marketing effort, yet many businesses continue to miss the mark when it comes to seeing an uptick in their ROI. Not on our watch.

The idea is to promote your content and extend your brand reach to stimulate consumer engagement, raise your link profile, solidify your online authority, and earn respect from search engines. It’s a tall order, but we live for this. After all, we are professionals.

Backed by a secure strategic foundation and content development plan, Rock My Brand will promote your digital assets by leveraging our comprehensive roster of relevant influencers, bloggers, webmasters, and media outlets across the globe.


Content Copywriting

Paid Social Management

Social Profile Optimization

PPC & Remarketing Management

Digital Media Relations


Increased ROI

Qualified traffic

Increased conversions, leads, and sales

Real measurable results and ROI


Podcasts live off newsworthy content and podcasters are continually seeking influential subject matter just as much as the subjects themselves like to matter. Rock My Brand will set up critical sessions with significant players in your industry and produce quality interview segments, not sales pitches.

One of the more common marketing directives we offer at Rock My Brand is to have an industry podcaster with the large, loyal following use your product or service and share it with their audience. People tune in to podcasts to be entertained and/or enlightened—not just to be sold on something. Once you find your angle, the story will sell itself.


Build trust with expanded reach

Raise your brand’s ROI potential

Forge enduring industry relationships

Position yourself as a respected thought leader


If your homepage is the heart of your site, the landing page is the lifeline that supplies qualified traffic, encourages consumer engagement, and secures qualified leads. With a primary focus on the call to action, landing pages are all about building relationships via user participation.

The primary way to build leads from your landing pages is by enticing your readers with relevant discounts, specials, announcements, and free products—such as an e-book or white paper with trade secrets—that leave potential customers no other choice but to enter their contact information.