Step away from the keyboard.

Not everyone can write. It’s okay as not everyone can perform brain surgery. Go ahead and let me know what you need, and I’ll put it in words like no other copywriter - across all departments within your business that require the services of a professional marketing writer.

As your contract writer, I bring two decades worth of experience as a publishing creative specializing in creative consultation, concept cultivation, headlines, taglines, blogs, business proposals, email marketing, content management, complete website copy, printed marketing, and editing/proofing.

I write for businesses that are having some challenges describing themselves.

Corporate Storytelling.
Message Establishment.
Headline Rejuvenation.
Social Media Voice.
Brand Dissemination.
Complete Website Writing
Professional. Dedicated. Worth It.

By investing in your company image, you are receiving this writer’s guarantee to meet each deadline and maintain an optimal standard of excellence and professionalism throughout the entire process. With these words, I encourage you to inquire about a consultation.

You can trust me with your copy. Thank you for your consideration and continued success in 2020.

(323) 425-8105

Writing, Editing & Proofing.
Headlines, Taglines & Mantras.
Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Storyblok.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
MailChimp, iContact,Constant Contact.
Company Emails, Biographies, Letters.

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