I right words.

I hold a degree in Journalism, with honors from a copywriting meet-up. I earned employment straight out of college and did most of my creative training on the streets of San Francisco, where I earned my work experience at the epicenter of an advertising industry renaissance.

I’ve sold desperate homeowners on canine termite detectors, video gamers on Sonic and Knuckles, baby boomers on Dumbo and Goofy, cast-iron stomachs on Subway sandwiches, and artists and designers on an award-winning print magazine that forever changed how we recognize the future of communication art.

My marketing work is recognized by everyone from ADDY to Goodby, Oprah, to Wieden & Kennedy. I’ve authored a native App, wrote about a dozen websites, edited thousands of Strathmore white pages, and succeeded in the copy business with the remote experience and independent spirit of a writer-editor who has made a career out of practicing social distancing as a #workingfromhomer.

Who better to help write for your next project?

Curtis A. Clarkson

Sample Clients:
Adam Construction, Allegra Advertising, Atari, Black Creek Kitchen, CMT (Country Music Television), CMYK Magazine, Covad, ClearFuze Networks, Inc., Dark Matter Animation, Elevated Diversity (for Her), Excite Network, Extreme Games, Jackson Square Global Packaging, JVC, LucasArts, KM Nelson Design, Namco, Nez Balelo, Nimbus Design, Nintendo, OPM Marketing, PX Media, Redwood City Redevelopment Agency, Rhonda Moret, Rollins College Rockmybrand, Sega, Sony USA, Subway, Taco University, TAD Dogs, Time Warner Entertainment, Web (com), Western Precooling Systems

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