I hold a degree in Journalism, with honors from a creative meet-up. I earned employment straight out of college and did the majority of my hands-on training on the streets of San Francisco, where I earned my work experience at the epicenter of a design industry renaissance.

I’ve sold desperate homeowners on canine termite detectors, video gamers on Sonic and Knuckles, baby boomers on Dumbo and Goofy, cast-iron stomachs on Subway, and creative directors on an award-winning magazine that inspired the future of advertising and design.

My work is recognized by everyone from ADDY to Goodby, Oprah, to WongDoody. I’ve authored an IOS app, wrote a dozen websites, edited hundreds of reams of Strathmore white, and conducted business with the remote experience and discipline of an independent content writer and copy editor who has practiced social distancing as a #workingfromhomer since 2002.

Who better to help write for your next project?

Curtis Clarkson

Corporate Storytelling
Message Establishment
Headline Rejuvenation
Social Media Energetics
Brand Editing & Enabling
Complete Website Writing

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