(Executive Summaries)

“Effective campaign implementation requires an unflinching, unrelenting, unapologetic attention to detail because details are what matter in the real world, and the real world is where brands live or die.”

Suzanne Madison, founder & visionary, is celebrating two decades of success as an award-winning business owner, strategic planner, and communication design developer for local and national governments and their communities, as well as for private sector businesses.

As founder of Allegra Consulting, Suzanne leads all areas of the marketing process from strategic planning to brand management, platform development to messaging implementation. Suzanne’s primary role is to ensure that strategy, creativity, and accountability culminate as the basis of every campaign produced by her highly respected, multi-ethnic, multi-generational team.

Before launching Allegra Consulting in 1997, Suzanne worked as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Richmond American Homes in Southern Nevada. As a native of the Bay Area, Suzanne was chosen to pilot the marketing and Northern California sales division of Morrison Homes where she transformed the company’s brand identity and corporate culture into one of the leading home developers on the West Coast.

• 20 years of immersive experience in target messaging

• Executive-level market research and brand architecture

• Veteran media buy strategist in mass media marketing

• Ability to establish common ground and community

• Proactive, accountable, detailed, and deadline-driven

• Fluent in Cision/PR Web, ESRI, Databox, and Hootsuite

• BA/MBA – Pacific Union College/UC Berkeley, CA

Partner/Head of Creative Development

Larry Brown leads the award-winning creative department at Allegra Consulting where he translates evolutionary strategies into bankable campaigns.

Larry oversees all phases of the creative process with an emphasis on design development and digital media. Before joining Allegra Consulting as a partner, Larry forged his career in brand design by mastering all modules of mass media, from traditional advertising and interactive marketing to 3D modeling and product development.

Larry’s 16-plus years of overall knowledge and excellence in commercial animation and strategic brand creation – along with his ability to lead as well as follow – give Allegra Consulting its creative edge.

• Specialist in brand identity and messaging development

• Close to two decades of directing creative design projects

• Recognized as an accomplished all-media animator

• Acclaimed leadership in supervising creative development

• Steadfast, focused, patient, dynamic and detail-oriented

• Toolbox: Adobe Creative Suite; InDesign, Keyshot Pro-engineer, and Creo

• B.A. - Fresno State, MBA/MFA, UCLA

Senior Marcom Executive

Sofia Garcia is Allegra Consulting’s resident “MacGuyver” when it comes to communicating, coordinating, commissioning, collaborating, and conducting.

Since joining Allegra Consulting in 2010, Sofia’s innate analytical and communication skills allow her to excel in both traditional and digital marketing processes and organization with a primary emphasis on producing well-analyzed, cost-saving, award-winning campaigns.

Sofia’s ability to clearly define, organize, and convey relevant concepts is her most significant asset second only to her tenacity in finding new ways to increase market share for our clients. Sofia is masterful in her attention to detail when it comes to conducting market research and analytics; overseeing data analysis and evaluation; collaborating with creative, IT and production teams; and devising positioning guidelines and brand strategy.

Sofia brings with her nearly 20 years of experience in brand message implementation and management in public relations, communications, and marketing in media relations, social media, and public sector branding campaigns.

• 12+ years of public relations and branding experience

• Intensive background in brand development and architecture

• Masterful in all facets of digital and traditional media

• Ahead of the curve in social media messaging tactics

• An acute sense of judgment, tact, ethics, and diplomacy

• A true collaborator specializing in teamwork and execution

• B.A. - Journalism/Sacramento State University

Creative Design Director

Richard Chartier’s ability to infuse every project with his creative directorial gifts and strategic analytical expertise has been a significant advantage for Allegra Consulting and, most importantly, for our clients.

Richard is a recognized inventor of new ideas for traditional and digital media, and a master at exacting both simple and complex marketing plans based on client specifications. Richard’s ability to visualize, corroborate, manage, and meet deadlines, is a direct result of his proficiency in print design, art direction, brand messaging, and new-media development for environmental, art and educational sectors, as well as with large brands and small businesses.

Richard has been responsible for overseeing the creation of many of the award-winning concepts, brand identities, and collateral materials produced by Allegra Consulting. Before joining Allegra Consulting, Richard worked on significant design projects for the NAF in New York, NY, the National Council of La Raza and the Association of Performing Arts Presenters in Washington, D.C., and for the Pasadena Arts Council.

• Recognized ability to manage, inspire, facilitate, and deliver

• 20+ years as a designer and director in public sector messaging

• Able to invent new ideas for branding, advertising, and marketing

• Efficient and effective in conveying the client’s desired outcomes

• Technically well-versed in modern media modules and platforms

• Adept in anticipating and relating complex analytics and social trends

• B.A. - Fine Arts, James Madison University

(Owner-Operator Biographies)

“My mission is to treat and educate my clients using safe, natural skin care practices that help people feel confident that their regimen is supporting and enhancing their beauty - inside and out.”

Diet, the environment, stress, and prescription medicines make us all more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, allergies, and chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and moisture imbalance.

What we apply on our skin is absorbed into the body and what we put in our body is reflected on our skin. Sulfates, parabens, gluten protein, and fillers found in most skincare products enter the bloodstream, causing the internal organs to work overtime in purging these toxins through the skin.

After a personal bout with cystic acne – a devastating side effect of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – I immersed myself in the study of herbs, natural supplements, enzymatic therapies, and other holistic skincare and diet methodologies. I made it my mission and purpose to elevate my lifestyle by changing my diet and discontinuing the use of artificial hormones.

Using a purely holistic approach, I was able to safely and successfully detoxify my body and take control of my condition. Today, I treat and educate my clients on how they, too, can achieve enduring skin health.

Before becoming a certified Esthetician, I managed one of the most popular luxury day spas on the West Coast. My extensive knowledge of skincare ingredients and healthy eating allows me to pass on to my clients the importance of caring for our skin as the largest, sexiest organ in our bodies.

(Letters From The CEO)

One-Stop Truck Shop

Considered a pioneering force as a successful African-America entrepreneur and owner-operator in the trucking business, Riley Lester and RL Corporation is on course to quadruple his company’s earning power by 2021 - by revolutionizing how the transport industry runs its business.

It’s called the “One Stop Truck Shop,” and it would break new ground in the transportation services by empowering independent truckers with a centralized hub to not only park their trucks, but to fuel their trucks, wash their trucks, service their trucks, and obtain new parts for their trucks – all in one licensed, insured, safe and secure location at the heart of where they work.

The bedrock foundation for the “One Stop Truck Shop” rests on the purchase of a three-to-five-acre parcel of opportunity-rich asphalt in Harbor City, CA – at the intersection of Southern California’s trucking and shipping industries. To ensure lasting partnerships and maintain the highest standards of quality control, RL Corporation would divide and lease its land to successful local vendors, from the parking spaces to the parts shop.

Yearly revenue within five years is being projected to reach six million dollars. Lease income from all service departments and parking spaces, along with sales receipts from the facilities’ multiple maintenance stores, would boost RL Corporation’s revenue exponentially and raise the company’s industry profile.

Also, RL Corporation and its new venture will stimulate the Long Beach economy, and seek to promote minority employment and the hiring of women by enlisting the very best the area’s workforce has to offer.

As a 15-year veteran in all phase of the construction transport business, RL Trucking & Dispatch is a full-service, licensed transport brokering that operates 24/7 with a history of job collaborations on some of the most impactful construction projects in California history.