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Be it in two syllables or 140 characters, or content on YouTube or Netflix, the challenge is finding the right words; placing them in the right order; and giving them life, love, and purpose.


From the helm of a premier design magazine to the headlines of the nation’s biggest brands, I bring 25 years of writing, editing, creating, and owning experience to the word business.

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There’s nothing more pleasing to the ear than the purr of a 30,000 BTU Class 22 SEER Configurable Quad-Zone Multi F Mini-Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump from Energy Star.

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If there’s anything a trusted web design business with an excellent track record in the greater Los Angeles area should be able to do, it’s to ensure their customers can find them online.

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Disney World's lavish Florida resort sought to promote its estate-sized lots to affluent Disney lovers as "the ultimate Disney dream come true."

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Follow the instructions below for producing euphoric results when preserving the purity of your pot – no matter where you grow or how massive your stash is.

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It’s not so much the brooding vibrato emanating off Neptune as it is the rarified air between these intergalactic wave tones that transports Joe to another dimension.

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CMYK Magazine needed a new look and voice to announce the launch of its new, native IOS App to its subscriber base.


The goal was to write short taglines to introduce a new parking app that allowed Chicago residents and visitors to reserve parking anywhere in the city.